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Институт Гелос Gelos Antiques Art Examination Institute

Нумизматика Department of Coins, Medals, Insignia & Military History
Антикварное оружие Antique Arms Department
Букинистика Book Department
Филателия Philatelic Department

Русская икона Orthodox Icon Gallery
Старинная живопись Fine Art Gallery
Гелос-Наследие Gelos Naslediye Gallery

Декоративно-прикладное искусство Decorative Art Salon
Ювелирные изделия Jewellery Department
Старинная мебель Antique Furniture Salon
Коллекционные вина Fine Wines Department

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антиквариат11th February 2009 "Big Wednesday Auction".

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антиквариат13th February 2009 "Big Friday Auction".

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антиквариат28th February 2009 "Auction of the year ".

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Orthodox Icon Gallery

The Russian icon is the only thing to express the exceptional character of the Russian culture in the absolute form and, consequently, that which forms the identity of the Russian antiques market most of all. This makes the Gelos's icon collection highly important. The Gelos's Icon Department, featuring the largest collection of old icons for sale in Russia and, hence, worldwide, is a "face" of the Russian antiques market in its unique national aspect, in a sense.

This position obliges the Russian Icon Gallery to keep the quality of its services at the highest level. The department not only employs experts on the staff being university graduates in a respective field, but also gets employees of the largest museums and institutions to take part in the department's work. The gallery takes stock of items, takes photographs of the objects rare in terms of style and iconography, fixes signed and dated icons.

Being the largest in its area, the icon department can venture to work with items of all levels at once, from precious and extremely expensive to inexpensive but of historical and artistic importance. It keeps unique icons with oklads by famous jewellers, inexpensive icons with high-quality silver oklads, examples of professional icons by Palekh and Mstera, "fryazhsky" icons in the late barocco style, old icons of the 15th to the 17th century, primitive popular icons, icons "to complete" that a restorer can buy at a low price.

The collection aims at being universal and can suit everybody's (even the most exigent) taste on its route. One should keep in mind that a chronological barrier separating simply old items from antique ones is slowly moving in time and today is falling at approximately the 1940s for almost all kinds of objects except for Russian icons. Unlike other arts (secular painting, applied art and the like), icon painting ceased in this country in the second decade of the 20th century, and, since, for the time being, the real revival of this art nowadays is a vexed question, this chronological barrier stays motionless and marks the end of the Russian icon painting. And so, when thinking of buying a Russian icon, one should bear in mind that the case in point is not only an old sacred image but also an object steadily dropping in number year by year.

We invite you to view the items from the Russian Icon Gallery offered in our E-Shop:

RUSSIAN ICON in the E-Shop
16th century Icons
17th century Icons
18th century Icons
Icons of the 19th to the early 20th century

If you want to buy any particular icon, please, email your REQUEST at or ring us on (095) 945-44-10

The E-Shop provides only a part of our collection of icons. Its fulll version can be viewed at the Gelos Russian Icon Gallery at 2/6 1st Botkinsky Proezd, Moscow, Russia.

For Collectors and Connoisseurs of Old Russian paintings

Gelos Auction House, Ltd. is the largest auction house of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States providing a full range of services in the Russian antiques market. The company carries out appraisals and makes expert examination, holds auction sales, sells antiquities from its galleries and shops, forms private and corporate collections. Gelos Auction House's activity organisation is characterised chiefly by all-inclusiveness and coverage of practically all collectible categories and auxiliary services. We offer our clients appraisal and valuation services, auction selling and formation of private and corporate collections services, education on antiques & collectibles and the opportunity to participate in on-line auctions.

Here is what we offer professional collectors and connoisseurs of old Russian icons:

- Russian Icons at auctions
Month auctions held by Gelos Antiques and Auction House always feature exceptional collections of Russian icons. To view auction lots, please see You may choose between bidding in person or leaving an absentee bid by telephone or via the Internet from any place on Earth. When conducting auctions, we make it a basic rule to give absolutely reliable auction results to provide real-time quotations at the time of sale.

- Expert judgement and advice regarding icons and Old Russian paintings
The Russian Icon Gallery's employees are available daily (no lunchtime, no free days) to make free expert examination, give advice and appraise icons. The Russian Icon Department takes objects for sale by commission or at auction. Gelos Auction House holds the state licence to carry out appraisals and valuations ?008214.

- You may view and buy the items you like at our Russian Icon Gallery in person
The purchase can be made in any convenient way: at auction or from a respective department, as well as by leaving an absentee bid on items of a concrete epoch and style. Payment can be made with cash or cashlessly. You may also pay a deposit of 30% of items cost and redeem them within three days. Storage and shipment are subject to charge. Oral valuations and advice are free of charge. For further information, contact our employees and see our auction catalogues.

- Formation of Collections
Any Russian Icon Department's client can enrich their collection with antique items of different collectible categories and collection levels, have their icon examined by an expert, learn the trends in the antiques. The department's employees will help you choose a valuable item to match your private or corporate collection.

For details on purchasing icons, please e-mail our experts at or call us on (095) 945-44-10

Russian Icon Auctions at the Gelos

Gelos Auction House holds regular auctions providing a wide selection of Russian icons. To view auction lots, please see

When conducting auctions, we make it a basic rule to give absolutely reliable auction results to provide real-time quotations at the time of sale.

Gelos Auction House guarantees the authenticity of information on auction items and is fully responsible for it within 5 years of the day of the auction.

Gelos Auction House holds the state licence to carry out appraisals and valuations ?008214.

Russian Icon Auctions on the Internet

Some people think that the auction is a VIP event gathering elite, collectors, businessmen, celebrities. Nowadays, modern technologies make it possible for almost every Worldwide Web user to bid at the very elite antiques auction of Russia.

Our website folder Auctions On-Line Version provides images and descriptions of the lots put up for auction on the indicated day in the Gelos's salesroom at 2/6 or 4 1st Botkinsky Proezd, Moscow.

The auctions on-line version gives you a real chance to join to a new auction culture, which is rather well developed in this country. If you want to purchase from us but are unable to take part in our month or season auction in person, you may place an absentee bid on the lots you like.

Live Auctions On-Line: Terms and Conditions

Купить коньяк Хеннесси

Gelos Russian Icon Gallery: Our Address

2/6 1st Botkinsky Proezd, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (095) 945-44-10

Attention, please! Any reproduction of the materials (photos, texts) without permission of Gelos Auction House, Ltd is forbidden.
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